WHO WE ARE 私たちは誰ですか

Sumitomo Gunma Holdings provides its corporate and individual clients with an extensive list of services and products related to investment and capital wealth management solutions. We can manage portfolios, mutual funds, and other channels to achieve different targets set together with out clients.

Our team of experts from around the world come from different niches of the financial industry that is key to our success. They are responsible for the whole range of our solutions, which start with advisory services and end with execution services.

For corporate clients, we can manage the decisive events during an IPO or M&As.

There is nothing we can do without considering your position and your goals in the first place.

Our research division offers unique insights and analysis related to the Forex, Bond, Commodities & Global Stock Markets.

Sumitomo Gunma Holdings offer wealth management solutions for both individuals and corporate clients. Whether you want to keep your money away from inflation or generate a high return.

As part of our wealth management solutions, Sumitomo Gunma Holdings investment advisory service is aimed to help out clients get familiar with the market conditions and the state of their portfolios.

Sumitomo Gunma Holdings serve corporate clients with full dedication, providing them with the full palette of services that address their specific needs.