Sumitomo Gunma Holdings 住友群馬保有米 provides its corporate and individual clients with an extensive list of services and products related to investment and capital wealth management solutions. We can manage portfolios, mutual funds, and other channels to achieve different targets set together with our clients.

Our team of experts from around the world comes from different niches of the financial industry that is key to our success. They are responsible for the whole range of our solutions, which start with advisory services and end with execution services. For corporate clients, we can manage the decisive events during an IPO or M&As.

We have an extensive network that is smartly distributed in different world locations, with the central head office located in Tokyo, Japan and in Seoul, South Korea.

Founded in 2006 we have accumulated a wealth of experience. We have learned to react in any circumstances and implement the right set of strategies. We know how to adapt and benefit from transitional states or stability.

We have an expanding client database, which is a direct result of our dedication and commitment.

Sumitomo Gunam Holdings 住友群馬保有米 is ready to offer or maintain your financial independence by applying the best methods in capital management. With over 8.4 billion of assets under management, we aspire to reach new highs.

We have a clear mission - to get control over the capital entrusted to us and generate the highest return possible in accordance with the market conditions and targets.