As part of our wealth management solutions, Sumitomo Gunma Holdings investment advisory service is aimed to help our clients get familiar with the market conditions and the state of their portfolios. By choosing us, you have the great opportunity to work with your broker, who is an expert in different financial maters and who will always be ready to answer any of your questions and guide you in the right direction.

When it comes to individual clients, we organize the first session with you, in which we put the effort to understand your priorities, your goals and expectations, and your experience or risk profile. This will represent the fundamental on which we’ll base our strategies and proposals. Every individual is unique, and the differences may be huge. However, we can handle every case without expectation.

We can provide you with detailed advice and support in the following:

  • Investment Management – together with your broker and our whole team in the backstage, you will get customized support in your investments. We will suggest different strategies and targets and you will have a decisional impact during the whole process.
  • Asset allocation – we will create an equity portfolio combined with other financial products, which will conform to your expectations.
  • Portfolio Management – we will provide maintenance solutions for your portfolio. The markets are volatile and uncertain today, but it's good when you have professionals to count on.

Our team of advisors consists of members from different backgrounds and economic niches, which combines various aspects of the markets. We are ready to contribute to your financial success.