We measure our success by assessing the sentiment and satisfaction of our clients. There is nothing we can do without considering your position and your goals in the first place.

At Sumitomo Gunma Holdings we take full benefits and privilege of covering more regions around the world. We can offer you tailored  solutions and special treatment derived from the best practices of the financial space. Every single client is unique for us; if you have decided to entrust us your money, there won't be any disappointment.

Our approach
Undderstanding your priorities and values is the key for us. At the eginning of our journey, we will take the time to discover your story and convert your wishes into clear plans and strategies. We serve both corporate and individual clients with the same dedication.

Our mission
Our mission is to deliver realistic strategies to turn your capital into a lucrative resource. We will put your money at work to achieve different targets considering your goals and risk profile.

Our duty is to show consitent results that satisfy the whole range of our client base. We take full responsibility for our deisions. We know that the financial markets are not the right place where you can gaurantee stability, but with the right means and our professional approach, we can achieve that.

Business principles
We set high standards, and we are committed to our business principles, which are centered on serving the client, being a team, striving for excellence, taking the initiative, and aiming for success.