Our Research division offers unique insights and analysis related to the Forex, Bond, Commodities & Stock Markets.

We cover more then 30 markets across the globe, reaching both national and international aspects of every country or region. Whether you are an individual or corporate client, we will make sure to provide you with quality reports that will help you make the right decision or be informed about the state of your portfolio.

Our Research team starts the analysis process with the macro research, scanning the situation of the stock markets and economies around the world. By applying cutting-edge technologies, economic indicators, which may include interest rates, GDP growth reports, employment reports, trade balance, inflation (consumer price index and retails sales), consumer sentiment, the state of manufacturing and services sectors, and more.

After making the right conclusions based on the general analysis, we go deeper to analyze each sector and equity opportunity to find new investment doors.

We distriube our finidngs via different media channels in accrodance with you rpreferences. We create different kinds of analystical reports on a regular basis, which we may send to our clients annually, quarterly or monthly.

To operate with massive volumes of data and reach the right conculsions, we apply advanced technologies and alogrihtims, which were created for proffesionals of the financial world.

We will analyze the past and present so that we could come with a decent predicition that will refer the wordst, the best and the realistic scenarios.