Sumitomo Gunma Holdings offer wealth management solutions for both individuals and corporate clients. Whether you want to keep your money away from inflation or generate a decent return, our team of experts is ready to take partial or full control of your financial resources. We provide our solutions to individuals from different backgrounds, from those who want to save for retirement to ultra-high net individuals.

Some of our goals include:

  • Sticking to a straightforward plan to reduce the market volatility and preserve the funds.
  • Generating a decent return based on the capital entrusted to us. We promise to keep you informed about any essential change related to your portfolio.

When dealing with us, you can opt for three investment account types:

  • Advisory account - we get the full control over this account while you get informed about every step and decision from our side. This account is intended for beginners or experienced investors who are busy to monitor their trades.
  • Discretionary Account – the control over this account is shared between you and our team. You will get insightful information and the chance to select different strategies.
  • Execution Only Account – this account is designed for experienced traders who need our platform to get access to the world markets. You get the full independence with regard to your portfolio.

We have many clients whom we are always ready to serve. Our company pays particular attention to communication and feedback.